Discovered almost by accident, the powerful effectiveness of a laser beam on fish was revealed to LASERLURE’S owner and CEO, Bruce Young, back in 1996. “I was playing with a laser in my jewelry shop and pointing it at our large fish tanks. To my surprise the fish went nuts! The laser elicited an instant chasing instinct- it was amazing. After that, I tested it out at other aquariums and the response was the universally the same. I knew I had something special.”

Since Young’s discovery, he has worked with talented engineers to develop a product that’s results speak for themselves. He even received SATOP assistance in technical advice on prolonging the battery life.

Why the Laser Works Best
The LASERLURE works best simply because of the laser light. A laser beam is the only light that electrons are tightly aligned and focused on a specific target. It is much more effective than LED or flashing lights that can be found in other lures because they don’t provide a definite spot or target for the fish to follow. The laser enhanced technology used by the LASERLURE not only gets the fish to chase it, but they also attack and bite it. Now what more could you want in your tackle box?

What the Fish Sees
Strike zones become 300% larger when fishing with LASERLURE. Even in brackish water, the laser is visible. In addition, the highly reflective paint and lifelike 3-D eyes attract the fish. This coupled with the red, flashy hooks that mimic an injured fish, this becomes an incredibly effective combination for fish strikes.

Target Species
LASERLURE works for all fresh, brackish or saltwater game fish. It does not work on vegetation eating fish or sharks. Other than that, everything is fair game!

Durable, Take a Beatin’ Type Materials
LASERLURES are made of polybuterate plastic, which in “real life fisherman terms”, means it can take a beating. More durable than other ABS plastics that are normally used in fishing lures, LASERLURES can take the heat and cold and the occasional, accidental cast into a log or rocks.

The lithium ion battery has over 80 hours of wet time and is built into the water-tight body. Because of the circuit board, the LASERLURE is computer controlled to avoid overheating and extends the life of the battery. Since LASERLURE is water-activated, no switches are necessary and it turns itself off when it dries.



Animals go crazy for red laser light! See for yourself!

Shreveport, La.-based LaserLure, Inc. produces water-activated, computer-controlled lures that come in five body styles. For more information on products, visit the company Internet site at or by phone 800-832-7654.




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